Memorable Moments From World Media House

The art of storytelling is fading, and the coverage of essential issues in the media is sparse. The most prominent issue facing traditional media today is standardizing methods in a particular area of study or activity. Thus, World Media House arose offering quality & relevant content, redefining market trends while continuously evolving.

World Media House founder and CEO David D. Holt grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and attended Bryant & Straton College, where he completed his business management degree. Holt saw a need for information to be clear and direct to allow people the chance to make educated decisions. Striving to help others think critically, Holt still believes iron sharpens iron in personal growth and development but understands that it takes a village to make a difference on a global scale. Holt negotiates international business transactions to help brands connect with their target audience, partakes in interviews offering feedback on critical issues, and enjoys a thrilling murder mystery adventure and cartoons.

Memorable Moments From World Media House

TheOpinionater.com - Coming Soon (2021)

Columbus, Ohio

IDKParenting.com - Coming Soon (2021)

Columbus, Ohio

TheMeltingPotRadio.com - January 2018

Columbus, Ohio

World Media House LLC

(formerly Shoezandmore.com LLC) - March 2019

Columbus, Ohio

E-BizTrends.com - September 2016

Cleveland, Ohio

Shoezandmore.com LLC - July 2014

Portland, Oregon

Shoezandmore.com -  June 2014

Seattle, Washington


Columbus, Ohio

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